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About Us

The Founder & The Brand

Image by Dewang Gupta

The Creator...

Hello Loves,


My full name is Bria Renee Johnson, but "Bria Renee" is my designer name. I'm 22 years old and a recent graduate from the class of 2022 at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta - with a BFA in Fashion Design. I've been sewing since I was six-years old, and I believe that I was born to be in the fashion/arts world.


As a former member of the Center for Social Justice in high school, I'm very interested in social issues happening around the world. I want my art to reflect my social justice interests by always having a deeper meaning that spreads awareness around important issues.


 I love to create, but I want my brand to be more than just about the products, which is why self-love and social issues are so important to me. My ultimate goal is to be a successful fashion/costume designer and stylist - creating anything to do with fashion and art.  


When I’m not sewing I love drawing and painting, I also love cooking, and I have my own YouTube channel where I post fashion and lifestyle related content. I'm a very adventurous person and love to experience new things; traveling and meeting new people. But I'm not afraid of change. I embrace change and I love to write about my thoughts on self-love affirmations to uplift myself and others. This website will be a compilation of all the kinds of art that I do and designs that I create.     

The Brand...




RIAR originates from bRIARenee - across between the designer's first and middle names. We are rare individuals who should express ourselves freely, and we want it to represent authenticity in all aspects. 


RIAR is...vintage, nostalgic, edgy and classy. It represents people who want to feel their best and unapologetically show their true natural beauty. RIAR will make you feel like a boss, confident, sexy, and dope - as you continue to grow. 


Some of the collections/designs are based on issues that are important to us and we want to spread awareness about. We also produce designs that are purely from the creations the designer comes up with or is inspired to make based on the world we live in. We hope you enjoy the RIAR experience and love our designs as much as we love making them!!


Yours Truly,


Bria Renee 

Owner, Creative Director, Fashion Enthusiast, & Visionary Artist


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