Everyday Fashion in the Midst of a Pandemic

Originally Published May 18, 2020

Today’s post will be me looking at how people have or have not changed the way that they dress during this time. Some people can stay in their PJs and lounge clothes all day long, while others choose to still get dressed just as they usually would to help them stay in their routine.

Casual or not, you still look good !

Duncan Wallace, my old high school friend who is now a student at Iona college has been home since the pandemic and explained to me how he doesn’t see the point in switching up in his outfit too much when being inside to going outside. 

“So the first is inside and it’s basically what I sleep in or a variation of it,” Wallace begins to say to me “and then outside is just comfortable because there isn’t nobody to impress out here anymore.”

This definitely seems to be the mindset of a lot of people of which I see on social media in memes having conversations on this topic. If we’re just doing classes online and always working from home then “what’s the point” which some would argue to say. There’s nothing wrong at all with just wanting to be in a cozy, casual fit throughout the day if you’re just mainly in the house. I think everyone should just be doing whatever feels comfortable in how they go about what they wear. There’s also been conversation regarding people saying if you aren’t still continuing your daily routine of getting dressed up, doing the things you normally do then it says something about your character (in negative light).

I feel like this isn’t true because everyone has there own reasons of how they are handling things especially because people are in different situations with things. I do see how keeping up with your daily routine though could help with keeping you in a good headspace and make you feel ready to start to do work or go and do the things you need to throughout the day, keeping you motivated. However, casual clothes or not you’re fine with whatever you decide to do and people who say otherwise shouldn’t be listened to.

My friend Bria Noel who is a singer, songwriter and a film major at SCAD ATL tells me how she likes to stay comfortable all day. “I usually dress in very comfortable clothes everyday, however I still want to look cute, so I’ll put a sweatshirt on and some shorts that match,” Noel finishes to say  “I’ll still do my hair and make up as well because I’m constantly on video call or conference call.”

Throughout the day Noel usually has a schedule which consists of doing her online classes, video/conference calls for school and a ministry club she’s apart of and writing music on her times when creativity sparks. She talked to me about how she’s been running bible study meetings, doing her multiple class projects and still doing outside priorities that she has to balance all together.

Just like Noel many people are still staying busy during a time like this which I think can definitely help with keeping your mind focused and in a good head space as well. Even though Noel is still at home she still likes to make sure she looks presentable even in comfy clothes because of all the virtual interactions that she continuously does.

Day 1 vs Day 50

The outside outfit is from Veresoto's first time outside after a 50 day at home stint. Earthy tones was the mood for him that day, in which he also drew heavy influences from Travis Scott: Kanye’s color palette and style. For the indoors outfit, he tells me about how he’s never been a fan of PJ’s. The tie-dye shirt was worn to uplift his spirits during this time, styling it along with some Adidas sweats from his time as an Adidas store manager in 2018.

Ricardo Verdesoto is a high-energy Latinx Advertising & Marketing professional with experience in Advertising Sales, I have been friends with him for three years now and he’s basically like a creative mentor to me. He is a creative, self-starter, and a collaborator willing to learn and share ideas. Verdesoto explained to me how he was working from home for the majority of the last 2 months. “Getting out of bed with an alarm to go nowhere was weird, but eventually after a week and change things began to feel less weird and more normal.” He continued to tell me how his weekends were/have been uneventful because unfortunately him and his entire household caught COVID-19.

“Now that we are COVID-free, and could usually go out for a drive or a walk - we opt to stay in to help stop the spread of this disease.” He tells me that Pre-COVID he was able to go out and enjoy himself, having fun with friends, and that it’s only a small sacrifice to not be able to do that now because the future still has much to offer. “Fashion and music make the days go by quickly. Oh. And Fortnite. Hell of a game. Y’all see that Travis Show? IT’S LIT!”

During a time like this I think that still being able to dress up and play with fashion is a way to keep you motivated and inspired. Adding some color to your day will definitely do something to you, choosing your outfit is one of the only things right now that we still can control so we might as well take advantage of it. 

When it comes to the indoor outfit, it’s all about comfort and coziness for Knox so what better to wear then a hoodie and some sweat shorts. For the outside look Knox wore some orange basketball shorts, a graphic tee, Jordan 1’s and then accessorized with some gold chains and gold hoops. She chose these specific pieces because she loves to make a statement even when dressing more casual. She explains to me how the combination of the blue J’s and the orange shorts is perfect with both of these bold colors. The graphic tee is a perfect go to for errand running being with how versatile it can be when styling it and then finishing off with some accessorized gold jewelry for a simple yet tasteful touch.

Iman Knox is a good friend of mine that I meant in the beginning of the school year who also loves fashion just like me. She is an artist who currently lives in Oklahoma for the time being during this pandemic. She believes that it’s important for her to still get dressed up every once in a while so that she can stay true to herself and still have the freedom of that creativity. “I love fashion and exploring with different styles and colors,” Knox says “so taking some time to  pamper myself and get made up, even if it’s just a casual look, reminds me of all the endless possibilities and looks that can be created.” She explains how if she does decide to leave the house that she will dress similarly to her lounge look to ensure she’s comfortable while running errands.

I can definitely agree that when I’m just going out for errands or a quick run to the store I usually just dress pretty comfortable but still make it cute! Accessories are EVERYTHING, and I continue to emphasize that when I give style advice. Knox obviously gets that concept rocking her layered gold necklaces and hoops. Just because you’re in a more cozy, casual outfit, doesn’t mean you can’t still look on point. I believe Knox definitely did that with her fit!

Working moms in a pandemic...

My mom, Tonya Johnson is a writer, and an associate editor for Orthodontic Products and Plastic Surgery Practice magazines. She was already working remotely from home, so the effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on her were pretty minor. “When I started working from home I made the choice to continue dressing up, doing my make up , hair, and wearing my favorite jewelry, because I felt that it made me feel more productive and helped me captive that professional mindset that I needed for work.” She made the choice to dress up in business casual clothing. "If I decide to go out or run errands, which tends to be more towards the evening, then I’ll just throw on some leggings or sweatpants just to feel more comfortable at the end of the day.”

Being a woman of a particular age, women who are mothers and wives still have to wear different hats throughout the day while still having to be the hard workers that they are at their careers. Luckily, my brother and I are now in our twenties so we’re able to manage with handling things on our own because that is what’s expected at our age. However, for the women having to balance teaching their children, for the mothers who have younger kids and still being a wife keeping up with the daily responsibilities that must be done in the household must be much more exhausting at a time like this. I commend any women who are in this situation and hope that they keep pushing through because I know they can get through this!

There is a power that comes from what you wear.

When I talked to my friend Djibril Djigal, also known as Jiggy the Creative (Jiggy), he started by telling me that how you dress is what people look at. Djigal is a songwriter, musician , aspiring fashion designer, in a short description he’s a man of many talents. This was a great point that he brought up of the fact at how you dressed is a statement for people. “When you can dress or perceive to know how to dress then people look at you like you can carry yourself well,” Djigal finishes to say. What you wear always makes a statement whether you believe it or not. There is a power that comes from what you wear whether it’s the from your mood, the confidence you may feel, or just the way people perceive you.

I have always believed this to be true which is part of why the fashion/apparel industry always interested me with the psychological science behind it all. The color, vibes or texture of an outfit all give a perspective of how we feel about ourselves in that moment and influence the effects of how others see/treat us. During a time like this, people who believe in this during the pandemic definitely aren’t slowing down with waiting to dress up and still look presentable. I would say that I am most definitely one of those people.