Girls' Night Out

An Autobiography of a Little Black Dress

Originally Published April 5th, 2020

I have been hung up in this closet for almost four years now, waiting, praying, hoping that I will one day get to be worn again. Maybe to another sweet sixteen; a fancy awards show; or a wedding, hoping that one day my beauty will get to be shared with the world again, and I will be able to make a new girl feel beautiful and confident in me the way I made my first owner feel. I started out as just an idea in my creator and owner’s head, between the two of them there were many different versions of me that could have been born.

I began as a medium length flowy dress like the kind you’d wear to a brunch or a cute date. Then I became a strapless mini dress, one of those fun party dresses you probably would wear to a bat/bar mitzvah. In the end, I was drawn out as a little black dress and there were notes about me on exactly how I was going to be made. I was said to be created having a fitted bodice with a low v cut for my neckline and medium straps, my skirt would still have that flowy look and flare out so that when my owner wears me, she’d be able to dance around showcasing the movement of my skirt. Now that I was finally created down on paper, the next step was constructing me together, so my creator had to gather all my pieces

First stop was the fabric store, I was living in the satin/silk section. It wasn’t long before my creator found me, she picked me up and felt my smooth silky shell of fabric. She tugged me a little to see how much stretch I had in my straight, cross, and bias grain; I’m pretty sure she was satisfied with what it was, because before I knew it, I was being pulled off the shelf and laid out on a cutting board to be measured and cut. After I was cut, I was placed on a cashier table along with an eight-inch invisible zipper and 3 spools of black thread, I was then placed in a plastic bag with the other materials that were with me and we were on our way to our next location.

I knew then that I was about to start being constructed within just a matter of hours. My creator had already cut out my patterns which were the pieces that were made to help construct me. She laid out my silky black shell on a long glass table to cut out my bodice pieces, along with the two straps. I had two front pieces and 4 back pieces, for the front she pinched and folded me in by about half an inch. I was then added a few pins to create a couple darts. As I was then laid under the sewing machine and stitched together, I could feel myself coming more and more to life. Every stitch the needle made when the thread was sewn into me made me start to really feel myself coming together.

After a few hours my bodice piece was finally complete and my owner got to try me on for the first time. My owner was my creator’s best friend, she was 15 years old and wanted to wear me for a sweet sixteen she was attending this weekend. I fit on her beautifully with only needing to be taken in a bit more on the sides. I was then left draped on a dress form until the next day. As the next day came, I started to think just how beautiful the final version of me would be, excited about the party I would be worn to, and what my owner would think of me when she sees me. I wanted to be able to make her happy and feel confident when she wore me and be able to showcase our beauty wherever we might go.

The next day finally came and now it was time for my skirt to be constructed. My creator already had a pattern ready, so I was easily cut out. My waist was pinned to the bodice and stitched together, then my closure was sewn in. I was given an invisible zipper so the dress looked seamlessly black and clean. Lastly, my hem was pinned up and stitched together as the final finishing touch, as this was being done, I could feel that my full self had now become one into the beautiful dress that was only just a thought several days ago.

My creator then placed me on her dress form and stood back to admire the work she just did to create me. I could tell she was satisfied because I could feel her smile through my silky shell as she felt the flow of my skirt and fitting of my bodice, she looked so proud and happy that I was created. The creator then brought her mother out to see me, who also gave the same joyful smile in being happy with how I was made. Now it was time to see my owner, I was hung on a grey velvet hanger which was then placed in a black vinyl dress bag that had my creator’s name printed on the right corner. I also was given a letter from my creator to my owner and some notes of how I should be taken care of when needed. I felt my hanger being picked up and laid into a car. I knew I was on my way to see my owner which is what I have been waiting for.

My creator then picked me up again and I was then placed in the hands of my owner. My owner brought me to her room and laid me out on her bed, she already had her hair and makeup done so I was the last part of her getting ready. As the bag unzippered and I started to see her face she was already filled with happiness just seeing me. She then unzippered my invisible zipper, put me on, and then my creator zippered her up. My owner was so happy and pleased with how I looked which is all I could ask for. I looked back at myself in the mirror as my owner admired me and I could see just how amazing I really looked. I was styled with sterling silver jewelry (a single necklace, dangling earrings and hoops) as well as some red lips and some black heels; my creator was then thanked and we parted ways.

I then found myself at a beautiful dance hall with so many other beautiful dresses, I wanted this night to last forever. Being able to dance around and swing my flowy skirt gave me so much happiness and life. Everyone loved me and my owner really enjoyed getting to wear me. At the end of the night I was then hung up back in my dress bag and into her closet. Since then I have not been brought back out because my owner has grown and gotten bigger than how she was when she was 15. I only dream of when I will get to be a part of another girls’ night out, and that I can make her feel as beautiful and happy as my first owner was when I was first worn at that sweet sixteen.

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