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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Thank you so much for supporting our brand! Everything at Riar is made by hand, custom to your measurements so every piece can feel exclusive to you. Since we are a small business everything is made with much value and love, with it being a quality custom piece.


If you are putting in an order for any of the available designs on the SHOP site page please know that it is under a Made-to-Order system so expect the shipping date to be 2- 6 weeks from when the order is placed. The amount of time it takes to ship will depend on which item you are ordering, some pieces take longer to make than others.

If you are placing an exclusive custom order, please put your order in 2-3 months in advance to when you would like your piece delivered. However, if the item is something small please email with details so we can discuss further.

Return &

Exchange Policy


As each piece is Made-to-Order, specifically for you, we are unable to process returns. However when it comes to the items offered on our SHOP page, you may exchange your item for something else on the SHOP page, exchanges must be made 7 days after receiving your purchased item. If it is a fit issue we will offer you a free alteration for up to 14 days after you have received your item.

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